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According to 2019 data, the number of people with allergies, atopic and sensitive skin has increased by 78% compared to the beginning of the 2000s.

Every fourth person suffers from a violation of the lipid barrier and experiences dryness, tightness after washing - the first signs of a disturbed lipid barrier.

The restored lipid barrier solves almost all aesthetic skin problems associated with natural functioning.

All our products correspond to the concept of corneotherapy and solve the problem of restoring the lipid barrier.


Əsfil’ products are suitable for all skin types, all ages.


Ask your client:

- Do you have dryness / tightness or peeling after washing your face?

- Is there an oily sheen throughout the day? Inflammation or acne?


If there is an answer YES to at least 1 question, then you can already offer our root means for solving these problems.

Cosmetics are acceptable for adolescents in puberty (line Norma dermale and serum)


Cosmetic corneoproducts from Əsfil' are the solution to your client's problems. Grateful customers will come back again and again, realizing the value of the products and the effectiveness of the formulations.



· We select the highest quality and most efficient raw materials with COSMOS, EcoCert certificates from world leaders (Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Korea). It is important for us that the asset has an evidence base or research on its application.

· Our technologist constantly monitors new scientific achievements, is a constant participant and guest of international congresses and exhibitions of raw materials.

· We are able to quickly implement an innovative asset into new formulas and production processes.

· The cosmetics are adapted to the physiological needs of our ethnic group and climatic zone.

· Close proximity to the consumer allows us to quickly improve and adapt to the needs of the client. We are always open to discussions and have experience in creating recipes for contract manufacturing. We can also create an individual cream formula for the client.

· Sophisticated cleansing systems without damaging the lipid barrier allow you to take care of the skin already at the first stage of care.

Wholesale conditions

Minimum order:

- from 10,000 rubles
- from 1 piece of one product name (does not apply to some products, see the price list)

Terms of production and preparation of the order for shipment: within 3-4 working days if the finished product is in stock. Making a fresh batch of 5-8 working days in the presence of all components of the composition and packaging in the warehouse.

We send orders to all regions of Russia and the countries of the Customs Union in any way convenient for you.
We work with both legal entities and individuals.

Order price

When requesting a price list, please indicate your city.

Send orders and questions related to wholesale work to

m2_esfil@mail.ru (manager of the wholesale department Eugene).

Tel. 8 912 360 0235

All questions related to cosmetics, composition, brand concept can be asked at gon4ar108@mail.ru (production technologist Valeria Gonchar).

Questions and suggestions on PR, advertising, partner projects in related industries, collaborations, joint photo sessions, interviews, etc. are sent to manager_esfil@mail.ru

Suppliers of raw materials, cosmetic ingredients, containers and packaging, send your commercial proposal to manager_esfil@mail.ru


Working hours of the wholesale department: Monday-Friday from 9 a.m - 6 p.m  Moscow time

Days off: Saturday, Sunday.