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About the company

Əsfil‘ ® - ‘ is an Indie brand.

Indie is short for "independent" in English.

It should be pronounced like [əs'fi:l]. It means "twilight ray".

The second designation is illumination. A ray piercing the darkness, like an illumination.

We have an independent view on the skin care basics
and rely on innovative product formulas and stateof-the-art technology. We learn from our colleagues
from foreign countries and from Russia and adopt
their methods.


Indie brand is not a trend, but a cosmetic product category.


Əsfil‘ is a trademark. Indie brands are called niche or selective. This reflects the whole essence of the creation, development and promotion of both the company itself and its products.

Əsfil‘ ® - is an independent production company that
manufactures Corneotherapeutic physiological cosmetic
products for face and body made of natural ingredients and
based on scientific research and innovation. We design our
products for professional cosmetologists and for home use.

Maintaining the lipid barrier is a priority for our products.


The creation of natural products is based on the principle of corneotherapy, taking into account the physiology of the skin.


We defined our skincare priority as cleansing without damaging the lipid barrier. 

There is no point in a quality cream if every day the skin is subjected to aggressive cleansing. It is necessary to reduce or eliminate skin contact with any surfactants in the cleanser.


We use mixed technologies for the production of emulsions.

Cold manufacturing allows you to maintain the full value of organic oils, extracts and assets. Hot is necessary when collecting more complex structures.


Most face creams have DMS (dermo-membrane structures) without emulsifier or SLM systems.

Any classic emulsifier emulsifies skin lipids, thereby destroying them. We collect emulsions similar to the skin in laboratory conditions, without classic emulsifiers.


Our advantages

· In-House Production
· More than 7 years of experience in developing unique recipes and servicing regular customers.
· All formulations are developed by a manufacturing chemist with knowledge of cosmetology.
· Our ingredients are adjusted to human physiology.

· Corneotherapeutic Approach.

· Use of evidence-based active ingredients.
· Effective concentration of active ingredients.
· Active ingredients are enclosed in liposomes.
· Derma membrane structure creams.
· We always deliver the freshest products to our customers.
· Individual approach to our clients.
· Cosmetics do not contain critical components (parabens, silicones, mineral oils, aggressive ingredients) and comply with the bio concept.

Əsfil‘ ®- ethical, environmentally friendly, efficient, exclusive.

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