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History of creation

Рисунок1  The history of the brand begins with the personal history of the company's founder, creator, ideological inspirer, cosmetologist and production technologist - Valery Gonchar.
2013... oncology diagnosis and no prospects.
A year of intensive treatment, hard work and faith in the best yielded results, but restoration was required. The proposed cosmetics did not solve the tasks. The love of environmentally friendly products made you move in this direction, but everything was unsuccessful. The market did not offer physiological formulations with safe ingredients.

The independent search and solutions began, as a result of which 2 additional educations appeared, the opportunity to gain experience in assistants from production technologists.

Curiosity and the desire to make the product effective, which will work without disturbing the integrity and naturalness of the general work of the organs led to the study of corneotherapy, and then the technology of creating physioemulsions.

Regular invitations to become a guest or participant in international congresses/exhibitions allowed to expand the experience and gave tools to try in practice unique raw materials and introduce innovations.


7 years of responsible attitude to business and the love of regular customers led to inevitable success and promotion of the brand further than the hometown. And the professional offices of beauticians were able to work with the "clean" and effective composition of domestic production.