Our awards

экогород 2021 7 years of responsible attitude to business and love of regular customers have led to the inevitable success and promotion of the brand beyond its hometown.

June 2021. The debut of our brand at the international exhibition EcoGorodExpo, where we won the EcoBeauty & SPA nomination and received high marks for our products from experts, bloggers and new clients. Public recognition made it possible to participate in collaborations with nutritionists, eco boxes, marathons.

диплом инновац.продукт September 2021. ECO BEST AWARD - an award in the field of ecology, energy and resource conservation (Moscow). An independent public award for the best products and practices in the field of ecology, energy and resource conservation.


Take real measures to preserve the integrity of the ecosystem, resource and energy conservation; Implement effective programs to promote the norms of environmental behavior and the formation of environmental awareness in society;

They develop and implement technologies for the production of environmentally friendly products.