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pH Balance Tonics

Highly concentrated essences with the right pH balance for every skin type. This product can be called living water of plants. The high concentration of phytonutrients and active substances in the tonic allows it to claim the title of toner, but with the right pH.

Tonics are based on hydrolate with a complex of phytodistillates, extracts, amino acids, prebiotics and silver concentrate.

Perfect preparation for the subsequent application of serums and creams.

They can be used for application on the face with the help of fabric masks or become a replacement for the water part for the dilution of dry cosmetic products (ubtans, alginates).

In the summer, hot period, the essences can be used as a stand-alone sunscreen without additional strain on the skin in the form of serums and creams.


¹Phytodistillate is the living moisture of a plant with a 100% set of micronutrients, obtained by vacuum. Phytodistillate is NOT a hydrolate.

Phytodistillate, very roughly, can be called the next generation of hydrolates.

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