The creation of natural products is based on the principle of corneotherapy, taking into account the physiology of the skin.

Maintaining the lipid barrier is a priority for our products.

The emphasis in care is shifted to the priority - cleansing. Cleansing without damaging the lipid barrier is possible.

There is no point in a quality cream if every day the skin is subjected to aggressive cleansing and spends all its resources on recovery. It is necessary to reduce or eliminate skin contact with any surfactants in the cleanser.

Even if you use "green" surfactants, they have the same mechanism of action as "aggressive" surfactants.

We use mixed technologies for the production of emulsions.

Cold manufacturing preserves the full value of organic oils, extracts and assets. Hotter is needed when collecting more complex structures.

Most face creams have dermo-membrane structures without an emulsifier or SLM system.

Any classic emulsifier emulsifies skin lipids, thereby destroying them. We collect emulsions similar to the skin in laboratory conditions, without classic emulsifiers. The active ingredients are packaged in liposome delivery systems and easily achieve the desired goal.