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Corneocreams for cleansing

A healthy lipid barrier starts with proper physiological cleansing

Corneocream for washing and hydrophilic corneocream give a cascade cleansing, which does not create a load on the lipid barrier and allows you to delicately remove makeup, metabolic products, excess sebum without provoking additional sebum secretion.

The lamellar structure of the cleanser with phospholipids and vitamin F rebuilds the cell membrane, stops free radicals and reduces inflammation and skin irritation.

· Loss of transepidermal moisture reduced by 13%

· Skin elasticity improves by 19%

as cleaning components, an alternative to classical surfactants (including natural ones) is used:

- cheremoya enzymes

- hydrophilic systems

- hydrolyzed amaranth proteins

- a new generation of derivatives that provide a physiological pH value and do not interact with skin keratins, thereby not affecting the lipid barrier during cleansing.



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