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Oil-balm Lavender 6 ml

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Oil-balm Lavender is a unique solid cream made from natural oils.

It helps to retain moisture in skin cells, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, removes minor cosmetic defects, has a healing and tonic effect, protects the skin from damage in winter, tightens the skin of the whole body and gives it a firm, healthy look. Thanks to the combination of oils, it contributes to good protection of the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, and from other aggressive environmental influences.

Oil - balm contains essential oil, therefore it is not recommended to use it on open wounds and cuts.

It has proven itself as an antiherpes agent.

How to use: apply a thin layer on the skin and rub in with light massage movements for 2-3 minutes, 2 times a day.

To prevent the formation of wrinkles and slow down the aging of skin cells, the cream must be applied in a thin layer to clean skin of the face, neck, hands at night.

The expiration date is indicated on the package and is 12 months before and after opening the bottle.

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BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA BUTTER) OIL -  it is based on several fatty acids, such as oleic and linoleic, vitamins. Shea butter is beneficial for health, successfully used to nourish and moisturize the skin, eliminate flaking, heal minor abrasions and cuts, reduce inflammation and irritation of certain areas, protect against ultraviolet radiation, treat psoriasis and various dermatitis.

COCOS NUCIFERA (COCONUT) OIL - the comprehensive cosmetic effect of the oil is due to its chemical structure. Nature has created a truly unique product, which contains many saturated acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements necessary to maintain the skin in perfect condition. The most important of them: lauric acid (about 50%) is a natural natural antiseptic, destroys various pathogenic microorganisms, including fungus, and also removes age spots and activates the regenerative functions of the skin, contributing to an increase in elasticity and early healing of wounds. Effectively removes acne and even boils. Myristic acid (20%) - helps the active components of cosmetic products to penetrate deeper into the epidermis and enhances local immunity. Palmitic acid (9%) - promotes early cell renewal, increases elasticity, whitens. Oleic acid (6%) - helps to preserve moisture and enhance barrier functions, neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals. Capric acid (5%) - has antibacterial properties and enhances the action of lauric acid. Caprylic acid (6%) - restores acid-base balance and promotes better absorption of oxygen, thereby rejuvenating cells. Regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. Vitamins A, E, C, some of the B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron - all of them are somehow involved in rejuvenating and healing the skin: they protect, enhance regenerative properties, stimulate collagen production and smooth wrinkles, and fight inflammation.

THEOBROMA CACAO SEED BUTTER - contains such substances: acids (stearic, lauric, oleic, arachidonic, linoleic, palmitic), vitamins (A, B, E, C, F), minerals (potassium, magnesium, chromium, calcium, iodine, zinc, iron), amino acids , theobromine. Cocoa butter increases the body's defenses, improves blood circulation, gives a tonic effect, fights mimic wrinkles, and helps get rid of stretch marks.

PALMKERNEL OIL REFINED - has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects, has a softening effect on the skin, is used for all skin types, eliminates wrinkles, tightens the face contour, restores lipid balance disorders, strengthens the protective functions of the epidermis, makes the skin soft and smooth, has unique deeply penetrating nourishing properties, moisturizes well and makes it velvety, essential for dry skin, indispensable for sensitive skin prone to inflammation.

SOY (SOYBEAN) WAX - softens, smoothes, nourishes, moisturizes the skin, forms a protective film on the skin. Protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, preventing premature aging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles.

LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA WAX - regulate the functions of the sebaceous glands, participate in the formation of cell and subcellular membranes, penetrate deeply into the skin without disturbing the structure and physiology of cells.

TOCOPHEROL - improves the regenerative properties of the skin, improving its blood supply and hydration, promotes rapid healing of lesions, has a calming effect, reduces the risk of photoaging caused by ultraviolet light, and reduces the possibility of skin damage by cancer cells. Prevents the appearance of pigmentation, freckles. If these manifestations already occur on the skin of the face, vitamin E will help even out the color and brighten the skin.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL - promotes smoothing of wrinkles, activating the synthesis of collagen, elastin, catalyzing internal processes in cells, cleansing pores, drying acne, eliminating inflammatory reactions, activating protective, regenerative abilities, toning, healing the skin.

LAVENDER (LAVANDA SPICA) FLOWER CO2 EXTRACT - it is used as a component that has an antiseptic, bactericidal, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, sedative effect. Promotes the regeneration of epidermal cells, healing of cracks in the soles, relieves fatigue of the legs and joint pain.

SALVIA OFFICINALIS EXTRACT - is used as a component that has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant, healing, antiallergic, analgesic effect. Soothes, softens and makes sensitive and irritated skin more elastic, eliminates dryness and flaking, unclogs pores and strengthens skin tissues.

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